Wireless power and charging

Before like two years when I got my first Ladybird toy, I was thinking it will be great if I can charge those wirelessly, without changing the battery. Yes, it is charging very slow, yes it will add some weight, but it will be cool.
QI standard is going forward, and there is already some IDT chipsets available on Mouser  – TX -P9035/P9036 and RX-P9021, but according to first look on the datasheet, those are quite complicated and with a lot of external components.
In difference to those, before a month I saw some wireless charging modules, which seems to be quite cheep and simple.
Come home here in Sweden for one week after I place the order (probably because were single pcs. and quite light box). I test both, just with one LED for now (like 15mA) – they was working quite OK for distances up to 1-2cm, just some paper and thin air between TX and RX coils. With appropriate ferrite it seems distance and coupling can be even better.
Wireless power and charging
Just to fire further my interest, chip labels on board were erased, but fortunately I found a good picture where most of the labels were visible. Unfortunately no results after some googling, but finally I think I found the manufacturer of chips and some other wireless power/charging modules – it should be Elecoteq Electronics – http://www.liucr.com  Website is only in Chinese, so I read what I can via Google translate. I found no datasheets, but for one there was some basic description

On RX board

T3168 wireless charging receiver IC

Last question is TX/RX coils/antennas. Even modules with antennas is quite light – 5grams with the coil and some power cables, I guess it can be even lighter with PCB antenna, either on flex or thin FR-4. On the Elcoteq website I saw some microcoils and also solutions for high current charging.

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