Double terminal blocks PDSV can be more than 4

Double PCB terminal blocks of the PDSV series from company Euroclamp enable to better utilize a space and to connect more leads on a small area.
If we need to connect several leads on one side of a PCB and we can´t or don´t want to use terminal blocks with a smaller pitch, then the PDSV double plug-in terminal blocks are the ideal solution. In principle, these are “pin headers”, which can be mated with several types of SF and SV series connectors.
It gives a variability of connection and a possibility to find at any circumstances the right type for a comfortable connection of conductors. From several available versions we incorporated into our stable stock offer 2 vertical types PDSV02-5,08-V (2-pole) and PDSV03-5,08-V (3-pole), both with a 5,08mm pitch (0,2“).
Double terminal blocks PDSV can be more than 4
PDSV series is modular, i.e. it is possible to stack them into a practically arbitrarily long configuration. These pin-headers mate with SF02-5,08-P/ SF03-5,08-P, SV02-5,08-F / SV03-5,08-F orSV02-5,08-P/ SV03-5,08-Pterminal blocks. Body of the terminal block is made of PA (polyamide) UL94-V0 class, contact is from a nickel-plated copper alloy and a screw is form a galvanized steel. Detailed information will provide you datasheets at particular types.

 Advantages / Features:

  • universal plug-in terminal blocks for a PCB
  • possibility of connection into rows
  • 250V/ 12A
  • 5,08 mm pitch

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