Water Quality Monitoring Using MKR1000 and ARTIK Cloud Using Arduino

Water Quality Monitoring Using MKR1000 and ARTIK Cloud

Water quality data monitoring for swimming pools, fish aquarium and more!

Water Quality Monitoring Using MKR1000 and ARTIK Cloud

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Arduino MKR1000
Arduino MKR1000
× 1
Jumper wires (generic)
Jumper wires (generic)
× 1
DFRobot pH Meter
× 1
Resistor 4.75k ohm
Resistor 4.75k ohm
× 1
Temperature probe
× 1

Software apps and online services

ARTIK Cloud for IoT
Samsung ARTIK Cloud for IoT
Arduino IDE
Arduino IDE


I. Objective

The primary objective of this project is to use Samsung ARTIK Cloud to monitor the pH and temperature levels of swimming pools.

II. ARTIK Cloud Setup

Step 1. Creating your new device

Sign up with ARTIK Cloud. Go to developer site and create new “device type”.ARTIK Cloud Setup

Enter your desired display and unique name.

your desired display and unique name

Create new Manifest

 new Manifest

Enter field name and other descriptionfield name and other description

Click Save and then navigate to Activate Manifest Tab

Click Save and then navigate to Activate Manifest Tab

Click the ACTIVE MANIFEST Button to finish and you will be redirected hereClick the ACTIVE MANIFEST Button

Done creating device type!

Now lets create your application that will use that device.

Step 2. Creating your application

Navigate to ARTIK Cloud Applications.

Click new applicationClick new application

Enter your desired application name and authentication redirect url.

Note that the authentication redirect url is required. It is used to authenticate the users of this application hence will redirect to this url if in need of login.

We used http://localhost/index/ for sample.authenticate

Now set your application permission to read and write, navigate to your device then save.application permission to read and write

Congratulation you now have your application! now have your application

Now lets connect that application.

Step 3. Connect your device

Navigate to my devices and click connect another device.click connect another device.

Click your new device type created earlier then click connect device.click connect device

Click your connected device settings.Click your connected device settings

Take note of these info as you will needed it on the program.Take note of these info

Now navigate to your connected deviceNow navigate to your connected device

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