SL030 recognizes Mifare and NFC too

SL030 module communicates through favorite I2C interface and supports a wide scale of secure RFID technologies on the frequency of 13.56 MHz
RFID modules Strong link provide an excellent quality for an unbeatable price, that´s why from now you can find in our store another member of readers/ writers SL0xx module SL030. In many ways is the SL030 similar to other readers of the SL0xx family (especially SL031), which were introduced to you in the article „Strong link modules will provide you a highly secure RFID”.
SL 030 supports the most of known RFID protocols on the frequency of 13.56 MHz like MIFARE 1k, MIFARE 4k, MIFARE Ultralight as well as NFC NTAG203. Built-in antenna and automatic detection of tags significantly simplify usage of the module. Also positive is the fact, that despite a 3V power supply, the outputs are 5V tolerant, thus combination with a 5V logic should be trouble free.
SL030 recognizes Mifare and NFC too
SL030 contain besides an I2C communication interface also a direct output (OUT pin) indicating presence of RFID tag in a reach. SL030 can be set up to 4 different I2C addresses (1010000-1010011) by means jumpers JP1 and JP2. The communication itself runs in a standard form usual for an I2C bus. Commands (from a Host microcontroller of your application) are sent in a form of „Start+ Address+ Data Length+ Command+ Data+ Stop“. Overview of available commands is displayed in a Table no. 3. Result of operation is sent back from SL030 through I2C in a form of Command+ Status+ Data. Byte „Status“ indicates result of operation (Success/Fail,…) – table no. 4. Overview of possible statuses is summarized in section 4-3.

Advantages/ Features:

  • universal 13,56MHz RFID module
  • MIFARE® ultralight, 1K, 4K and NFC NTAG203
  • above standard technical support
  • very affordable price
  • small dimensions and a low profile

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