Motion Sensing Eye using arduino

Motion Sensing Eye

I have always wanted to make something with my LED dot matrix display, and so when I found a old alarm motion sensor I knew just what to make, a Motion Sensing Eye!


This instructable will hopefully finish with you having a working dmd, that will display an eye that opens if something in a room moves (above in the pictures are some gifs of it in action). This instructable will also be updated with bluetooth and android support in the near future (when I get it working).

Anyway, Let’s Go!

Update (05/02/14):
– added optional shieldMotion Sensing Eye

Step 1: Materials

Things you will need:

– An Arduino or similar
– A Freetronics Dot Matrix Display
– Arduino link cable for dmd
– An alarm sensor
– Mini breadboard and jumper cables
– A 10k resistor
– Power supply for the alarm sensor
– Usb cable for arduino

– Arduino Prototype shield
– Stackable headers
– Wire
– Tactile push buttons
– Terminal Blocks
Coming Soon Eventually:
– Arduino compatible bluetooth module
– bluetooth dongle for PC
– An android phone

Step 2: The Freetronics DMD

The dot matrix display I have used for this project can be found here
It features a 32×16 LED display, giving you a total of 512 high brightness LEDs to play with.
Two extra libraries are needed for the Arduino IDE, and these can be found here and here


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