Medicine Safe Using Arduino


We created this project for MSReva as an assignment from school.


Laser or print all parts (see githup):

printed parts:

1x: 14 lock pin sleeve large

1x: 15 lock pin sleeve smal

1x: 17 lock counter pin

1x: 18 pin shooter

14x: 19 tray shelf

4x: 22 leg mounting corners

4x: 22.1 mounting brackets instead of bolts

4x 23 mounting brackets 3 sides

2x: 24 fixing corners 2 sides

1x: 27 servo arm

3x: 26.2 hinge 0.2mm clearance or 26 hinge 0.2mm clearance

(If your printer is very accurate the 0.2mm would not be a problem, if you want to be sure use the 0.3mm.)

1x: 25 door handle

1x 16 slot servo holder


Lasered parts(3mm thickness plate):

All 1x:

20 tray partition: you can choose how many times you lazer it, it comes between the trays as a partition, you can lazer a total of 7×5(35).


1X: rfid-RC522 + batch/card

1X: arduino uno

1X: Servo SG90

1X: 1602 LCD I2C

1X: buzzor

4X buttons (14×20 round hole 12mm)

1x ac/dc adapter (6v)


1x breadboard (You can also make it without, but only makes it easier.)

Step 1: The Start of the Built

plate Make sure you arrange the inside back plate and inner side plate as on the picture above.

Step 2:

Step 2 2Build the plates together as shown above and search the bottom plate.

Step 3:

base platePut the construction on the base plate and search the cover plates.

Step 4:

top plateConnect the cover plates as shown above and search the top plate.

Step 5:

back plate LCDConnect now the top plate and search the back plate LCD.

Step 6:

 side plate with RFIDPut the plate on top of the construction and search the side plate and the side plate with RFID.

Step 7:

holeYou connect the cables from the RFID(on the IRQ comes no cable) to the Arduino, through the provided hole. You can find the electrical diagram here and above, you screw it on with m3 nuts on the inside and bolts on the outside and place the RFID inside.

Step 8:

Place the side plates Place the side plates as shown below. Make sure the plate with the logo is placed on the right.

Search the front plate.

Step 9: Starting With the Door

Place the 4 buttonsPlace the 4 buttons (14x20mm, hole 12mm), You can adapt the size of the holes if you want to use your own (github.) and solder the wires to the buttons and place it into the front plate.

Step 10: LCD

LCD (4)Take the LCD and bend the headers as shown in the picture above.

Place the LCD in the rectangle (fix it with the M3 nuts and bolts and spacers so that the lcd is straight and flush with the front plate).

Step 11: Lock

LockBuild the construction as showen above with the servo, servo arm, servo slot holder and pin. First screw the arm to the servo, then insert the pin into the holder and place the servo with the arm through the protruding loop. Fix the servo with screws.

This will be used as lock. Make sure the servo is at 90 degrees.

Step 12:

4 M4 bolts and nutsPlace the lock on the 4 holes of the front plate and fix it with 4 M4 bolts and nuts.

Step 13:

door plate,Now find the door plate, door handle, pin sleeve small/large, shooter pin and a spring. Mount the small pin sleeve and the doorknob to the outer holes, but on opposite sides (make sure the slanted side of the sleeve is on the outside, with M4 bolts and nuts). Insert the spring into the large sleeve and then the striker pin with the beveled side out and the protruding cylinder into the slot of the sleeve. Mount the large sleeve to the middle 2 of the door on the same side as the small sleeve (put the shooter into the small sleeve as well, also with M4 bolts and nuts).

Step 14:

hinges Find the hinges and mount them to the door with M4 bolts and nuts (place the hinges on the outside of the door (make sure the button of the hinge is pointing outwards).

Step 15:


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