MAX15050 – Design a small, efficient 4A step-down converter


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The MAX15050/MAX15051 high-efficiency switching regulators deliver up to 4A load current at output voltages from 0.6V to (0.9 x VIN). The devices operate from 2.9V to 5.5V, making them ideal for on-board point-of-load and post regulation applications. Total output-voltage accuracy is within ±1% over load, line, and temperature.
The MAX15050/MAX15051 feature 1MHz fixed-frequency PWM operation. The MAX15050 features pulse-skip mode to improve light-load efficiency. The MAX15050 soft-starts in a monotonic mode and then operates in the forced PWM mode or pulse-skip mode depending on the output load current condition. The MAX15051 soft-starts in the monotonic mode and operates in the forced PWM mode. The high operating frequency allows for small-size external components.
MAX15050 – Design a small, efficient 4A step-down converterThe low-resistance on-chip nMOS switches ensure high efficiency at heavy loads while minimizing critical parasitic inductances, making the layout a much simpler task with respect to discrete solutions. Following a simple layout and footprint ensures first-pass success in new designs.
The MAX15050/MAX15051 incorporate a high-bandwidth (> 26MHz) voltage-error amplifier. The voltage-mode control architecture and the voltage-error amplifier permit a type III compensation scheme to achieve maximum loop bandwidth, up to 200kHz. High loop bandwidth provides fast transient response, resulting in less required output capacitance and allowing for all-ceramic capacitor designs.
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