Teardown: 5th-gen Apple iPod Touch

“Sneaky, sneaky Apple,” said I Fix it’s chief information architect, Miroslav Djuric, in an e-mail announcing I Fix it’s teardown of 5th Gen iPod Touch 16 GB. “Thought you could pull a fast one on us by releasing a new, stripped-down version of the current iPod Touch without your customary fanfare? Not on our watch: It’s teardown time.”
Teardown 5th-gen Apple iPod TouchI Fixit dives into their 5th Gen iPod Touch 16 GB teardown with the usual gusto–here are excerpts.
“The exclusion of two main components has earned the iPod Touch 5th Generation 16 GB a new model number from its 32 and 64 GB brothers: A1509.
“We used our trusty I Opener to loosen the adhesive securing the front panel to the rear case. We’re getting used to this opening method, as it melts adhesive as fast as water melts a wicked witch, without risking screen warp.”

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