Let’s play robotics with mOwayduino

Do you think programming is difficult?

Did you think Robotics is just for programmers?

We don´t think so. Our aim is to make robotics accessible to everyone.

At Mini robots we have developed mOwayduino, an open source robot, based on Arduino technology. mOwayduino robot is ready to program,  with  multiple built-in sensorsmotors and more.

You don´t need to have any robotics background to start working with mOwayduino.


Our aim at Mini robots is to make robotics accessible to everyone who wants to develop robotic applications, to awaken an interest in programming and to introduce it into society as a whole.
Let's play robotics with mOwayduino

We want to create a product for all ages, a free hardware structure that puts no limits to learning.

The same tool for different programming languages and for different levels and which is ready to work and get results from the very start. An open source robot with the only limit of your imagination.


An already built platform which includes everything you need to start working:

Arduino Leonardo based robot (AT mega 32u4)
• 4 anti-collision infrared sensors
• 1 directional light intensity sensor
• 2 opto-reflective infrared sensors for the floor
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