Importing SVG images as polygons Into Eagle

Here’s an SVG image to Eagle polygon importer called svg2poly. It seems like an excellent alternative to the BMP importing plugin included in Eagle default package. [via]
Surprisingly often, I find myself wanting to import vector images into eagle, and have them appear as polygons – usually for silkscreen. Whilst importing vectors as lines is practical – although ridiculously awkward – up until now I haven’t found a single practical way to import a vector drawing as polygons.
Importing-SVG-images-as-polygons-Into-EagleThat changed recently when I stumbled across Cruz Montreal II’s svg2poly. svg2poly is an Eagle ULP that, within the scope of its limitations, does a very good job of importing vector shapes into Eagle. Getting it working was a revelation – I no longer have to mess with awful bitmap imports that arrive as a huge series of tiny rectangles, or spend hours tracing things


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