Sunon LA003 cooling module – the right choice for high-power LEDs

10, 20, 30W LED modules are no rarity anymore and the question how to cool them and to maintain an aesthetic aspect is still more actual.
Sunon, as an innovative producer of reliable fans with many advanced technologies (VAPO, MAGLEV, …) launched on the market cooling modules with a fan and an aluminium heatsink, directly intended for high-power LED applications. As we know, even the latest LEDs transform only a part of the energy to the light and a considerable portion is converting to an unuseful (and for LEDs harmful) heat. Appropriate temperature conditions significantly influence the efficiency and mainly lifetime of LEDs, that´s why a choice of a suitable heatsink plays a vital role at the LED application design.

Advantages / Features:

  1. cooling module with a fan
  2. D86 mm x H52 mm
  3. super silent fan (16,7dB) with a long lifetime
  4. dust resistant VAPO bearing
  5. suitable for up to approx 31W power LEDs
  6. low rotation speed, low consumption (0.28W)


Modules marked as LA001, LA003 a LA004 (also being marked as TA001, TA003 and TA004) bring an optimal combination of a super silent fan and a robust aluminium profile directly intended for installation of high-power LEDs. In our offer, you can find the type LA003, intended for LEDs up to approx. 31W power. The low-speed fan with the VAPO bearing features dust resistance (DR) and a long lifetime (up to 70 000 hrs).

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