Aithon: 32-bit ARM Microcontroller Board (Canceled)

The Aithon board is a fully integrated microcontroller board with a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 and a powerful, easy to use software library.
The Aithon board is a microcontroller board that combines the power of a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 with several integrated features that make robot building and experimentation fun.  We set out to create a board that is as easy to use as the Arduino, but with more processing power and a complete, fully integrated set of features.
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This project started out as a robot controller board designed to meet the needs of local robot builders, but we realized the design would be great for enthusiasts as well as for students in any high school or university-level robotics class.  If you are involved in FIRST robotics, take a serious look at the Aithon board.  So, here we are on Kick starter.  We need your help to get this board out to the robotics community.

We provide libraries to make it easy to use, but at the same time, the board’s capabilities will not limit the electronics expert.  We are believers in open source hardware and software.  All schematics and library source code will be available for download.
Aithon 32-bit ARM Microcontroller Board (Canceled)Aithon Specifications
The Aithon board is packed with a variety of great features which are built around a 32-bit ARM microcontroller running at 168MHz. We’ve listed a few of the highlights below, split up by category.

  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 168 MHz with FPU (STMicroelectronics STM32F407)
  • 512KB flash and 192KB RAM
  • Up to 17 timers
  • Real time clock
  • 12-bit analog to digital converter (ADC)

Board Headers and Sockets

  • All digital I/O is 5V tolerant (running at 3.3V)
  • 15 GPIO (not counting various bus headers)
  • 8 ADC inputs and 8 PWM servo outputs
  • Up to 3 USART (one shared with 1 I2C port + X Bee)
  • Up to 4 I2C (split between two independent buses)
  • 1 SPI header
  • 1 SWD header
  • 1 12-bit DAC output (shared with SPI SCLK)
  • mini-USB (device) and standard USB (host) ports
  • X Bee socket
  • Bluetooth header (accepts module directly and wireless programming support)
  • Micro SD card socket
  • Expansion port for future expansion boards / shields (not shown in rev. 2 images)

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