Ag5200 module will provide energy to your devices

Poe – Power over Ethernet is already a common is already a common matter. With the Ag5200 module you too can use this functionality and eliminate a mains adapter.
A thought to use an Ethernet cable even for a power supply is already known for many years. To use an existing data connection even for an energy transmission is an attractive possibility how to eliminate a lot of mains adapters and to gain a possibility of a power consumption control and many other advantages …
After first attempts of some companies, there was accepted an international standard named as IEEE 802.3af (12,95W) and later even the 802.3at (25,5W). Despite the fact, that this system has some disadvantages like for example losses in relatively thin wires, advantages in a form of so to say everywhere-available power supply and elimination of a lot of mains inlets and adapters are significantly outweigh. That´s why the Poe system is becoming an international standard for power supply of many devices connected to Ethernet. Typical examples of Poe usage are VoIP telephones, Ethernet cameras, sensors, security devices, routers, …
Ag5200 module will provide energy to your devices
That´s why we add to our standard stock offer the Ag5200 module with a maximum power of up to 30W, enabling a very simple implementation of Poe into a target device. Ag5200 is a complete module with an isolation DC/DC converter and a part for a communication with an energy supplying device. Partially adjustable output voltage (12V), 1500V galvanic isolation and a minimum count of necessary external components ensure a very simple implementation into a target device. Overload, short-circuit and thermal protection ensure a very simple integration into a target device. An advantage is, that the DC/DC converter with a high efficiency works in a wide range of input voltages – 37 to 57V.

Advantages / Features:

  • complete module for power-supplying of devices over Ethernet (Poe)
  • up to 30W output power
  • IEEE 802.3 af & at compliant
  • highly efficient isolation DC/DC converter
  • up to 1500V isolation
  • 12V output voltage (partially adjustable)
  • input voltage range 37 to 57V

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