“With U Smart Sole” DIY GPS Embedded Smart Shoe Sole #MITBetterWorld Using Arduino

Smart Shoe Sole MITBetterWorld

 Smart Shoe Sole MITBetterWorld










What do you do when someone is chasing you or you are lost? Cross your fingers? Don’t.

When you are in trouble, just cross your feet [in a special way] and your location is sent to your family members. Wait there’s more! Even the family can get your location just by calling the shoe. When you call the SIM in the shoe, the shoe automatically hangs up the call and reverts back its current GPS location via SMS.

The soles are so comfortable, the wearer doesn’t even notice that they are in there!

The ‘With U’ smart soles work on a special algorithm which features a unique gesture recognition pattern[to detect the crossed feet].When you cross your feet, that activates the process of sending the current GPS location to the remote server. And you can check the real-time updates on a Google Map.

My prototype is made of MDF wood and I’m looking forward to making the design in a more reliable material which suited to the organic shape of the human feet. I have the 3D CAD model ready. But due to lack of access to 3D printing technology nearby my place, I haven’t printed it. I have also made a complete circuit using Atmega 328P and SIM 808 instead of using different ready modules. I am still improving the design. WIP.

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What Impact can the “With U sole” will have on the world?Think of these… Our Grandma and Grand pa’s suffering from Mental disorders like Alzheimers, Thousands of Missing Children and adults. Not to forget the crimes against women. Pretty Much Every human on the planet can be helped to live a peaceful life.Lets #MakeaDifference

I join the MIT mission. This is the MIT Campaign for a Better World #MITBetterWorld. Share this project with a #MITBetterWorld to show your support.

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Step 1: Watch the Video!

The build video: This is like I am showing the 3.5 Month process in 10 mins. 9.50 to be precise.

The Intro Video. : The second video shows the features of the With U Smart Shoe sole.

Step 2: Cross Your Feet, Inform Your Family! Its That Simple 🙂













What do you do when you are in some trouble? Cross your fingers? Don’t! Now cross your feet and you will be okay! HOW? Read on…

This is the most important feature of the With U smart shoe sole. A shoe with GPS and magnetic gesture recognition system.

What is that? Gesture recognition using magnetic field…?

In the early stages of the project, I had an idea to use a push button to act as a ACTIVATOR switch, which when pressed will start the location update process to the server. But there is a problem.

Manually pressing the pushbutton which is way down near your feet…? Seems a bit weird. So How do we make it handsfree?

More over, in some situatoins you may not be in a condition to reach your shoe and press the button somehow. [Your hands are tied…?!]

That is where HALL EFFECT sensor Changes the game. A hall effect sensor is a 3 leg electronic component which changes the voltage at its “sense” pin according to the magnetic field near it.

What is the plan? We are placing a dummy sole into the second feet which has the Rare earth neodymium magnet. When the shoe are oriented in such a way that the voltage at sense pin crosses a threshold value, the arduino promini recognises this and activates the location update process.

Step 3: Call the Sole Get the Location


Yep! This is an extra feature. What if in any situation you are not able to cross the feet?

Simplest solution is to add a communication channel that allows the family to retrieve your location if they need it.

The With U shoe is always with you!

That is what the figure explains.

Step 4: Is It Comfortable?

One question may haunt you…

Is the sole comfortable in the feet?


HOW can I say this? I have seen some people wearing something called Height raisers. They are of the same size as our sole. So if one can wear that height riser, you can wear this too.:)


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