Where will a Mechatronics Engineering degree take you?

The term mechatronics engineering was coined in Japan during the 1970s, used to describe working in robotics. It has since developed as a practice encompassing electrical, mechanical, electronic and control engineering. Mechatronics combines these areas of the industry to allow the development, design and application of smart devices in an integrated, cross-disciplinary manner.
Today there is a huge industry demand for those who can work in interdisciplinary engineering environments. A career in mechatronics can lead a number of challenging roles especially in fields such as vehicle testing and manufacturing, building space, defense and industrial systems and the marketing and sales of engineering products. There is ample opportunity to work both in the UK and overseas and the field offers excellent benefits to those who work within it.
Studying Mechatronics Engineering
Both the UAE and UK offer successful courses in this area, offering different but equally brilliant cities to live in during your studies. Here are just two examples of where you might find yourself enrolling:
Where will a Mechatronics Engineering degree take you
The American University of Sharjah
The American University of Sharjah offers a Master of Science in Mechatronics Engineering course. Accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, it offers flexible learning options for those who are perhaps already working as an engineer, or whom for whatever reason, are required to study part time.
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