Version 2.0 Arduino Controlled Car Tracking System based on SMS

Car Tracking System (1)

This system is upgraded version of previous project…
You will be able to track your car after you build this system,
you will call the device then it will send you an sms which includes LAT, LON and Google Map link for just one touch to see where it is.

Car Tracking System (1)

Before you start to build them, you should connect the Wavecom to PC to adjust Serial Com. Baud Rate to 9600
then make it save this configuration via AT commands. (It is written in Wavecom AT command datasheet).

Step 1: Preparing the Wavecom For fastening the modules

Secondly, disassemble the wavecom GSM module and drill many holes for screws, our modules hold on these screws..

Step 2: Preparing the Datacable

Let’s make a datacable between Wavecom and RS232 module,
you use just 3 pinouts, it’s enough for communication..

Step 3: Connecting the other parts

 Car Tracking System connecting (1)

Now let’s connect the RS232 and GPS module to our Arduino,

We use 3 pinouts of GPS module ,
These are TX, VCC , Ground (on Skylab SKM53).
GPS TX pinout —-> Arduino PIN 5
RS232 Module RX—> Arduino PIN 10
RS232 Module TX—> Arduino PIN 11
also do not forget to connect Vcc and GND pinouts of RS232 module, GPS module and Arduino

Step 4: Finishing the Tracker Device

Not fix these modules on Wavecom with silicon…
You also can connect a buzzer to PIN7 , I do it because I’ll put this device in a hidden place then power it on/off with wireless RF switch. So, I can hear the buzzer when I power it on..

Now .. upload program on arduino.. (next step)

Step 5: Program

it has a few Turkish lines , some of them

KoordinatBilgisiGonder =====> SendGPSData
HIZ===========>> SPEED

==========================================  CODE===================================================


TinyGPS gps;

SoftwareSerial gsmSerial(10,11);
//SoftwareSerial gsmSerial(3,2);
SoftwareSerial ss(5,6);

String inData = “”;
boolean inputAvailable = false;
String recievedNumber = “”;
String gpsMesajIcerik = “”;
int callback_counter=0;
int indexofMsgStr = 0;
float flat, flon, fkmph;
unsigned long age;
char okunanKarakter = ‘*’;
float flat_store = 0.0;
float flon_store = 0.0;
int buzzer = 7;

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