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Well-proven Piher potentiometers with a dust-proof construction will ensure a reliable operation to your devices.
Resistive trimmers of the Spanish company Piher may be familiar to you already from our article We became an authorized Piher distributor. This time we enlarged our offer with rotary potentiometers of the PC16 series in a wide range of values. PC16 series with a carbon resistive element provides an excellent price/ performance ratio.
From many available versions we selected for you the PC16xH-10IP06 version in a single and double (tandem, stereo) version with linear or logarithmic characteristics. With the PCB terminals and mounting via M10 bushing, this version is suitable for the most of applications. A plastic shaft can be advantageous from safety reasons in applications galvanic ally connected to the mains power supply.
Turn-with-it-without-worriesUpon request we┬┤re able to provide you with any other types.
Detailed information will provide you the PC16 datasheet. . Naturally, in our offer can also be found various knobs for 6 mm shafts.
In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Advantages / Features:

  1. well proven potentiometers with a carbon resistive element
  2. dust-proof construction
  3. 6mm plastic shaft
  4. mounting via M10 nut (included)

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