Super Amazing Button using Arduino

Arduino Super Amazing Button (1)

Hello Everyone.
This is my very first Instructable so please go easy on me. This was more or less a test project to see if my new arduino board worked. Any friendly advice will be greatly appreciated so my future posts can be even better. I am going to show you how to create the best device on earth. Well i mean if you brought this back to the 1600s then it would be the best device on earth. Anyways lets get started.Arduino Super Amazing Button (1)

I don’t take full credit for this project as i set out on a witch hunt on the web in search of guidance. If i could remember where half of the info i learned came from i would point you to it, but unfortunately i have looked at so many things involving arduino and easy buttons and LEDs it just all blended together.


Step 2: Preparing the Easy button

I had this hacked easy button from a previous project. the the pictures are scarce in this department but don’t fret it is quite easy.

Start by unscrewing the four screws in the bottom of the easy button. This should enable you to take the top part off.
Then cut the wires to the speaker and the battery casing, you wont need either.
Then solder one piece of wire ( i used speaker wire because it was all i had lying around) to the positive spot n the picture
Then solder another piece of wire to the ground spot in the picture
take the battery compartment door off the easy button and run the wires through the hole and out the battery compartment door.
Reassemble the easy button *side note: there is a little groove in the outside ring part that has to line up with the button part.

Arduino Super Amazing Button Connection (1)

Step 3: Make the power supply

take the 9 volt battery adapter and strip the wires
do the same for the 2.1mm jack
connect them together

all i did was twist the wires together and used heat shrink tubing to secure them.

Step 4: Prepare the LEDs

Push the LEDs through the board and then cut the legs off. Just like with the diodes; its important to push the legs through the board first, to get them spread to the correct angles, before cutting the legs.

There’s a bit of trial and error with cutting the legs to the right length. If you make them too long they will stick out, but too short and it’s difficult to get the LED back in.

Prepare 16 of these little amputated fellas.

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