StopIt! LED Game (powered by arduino)

LED Game (2)

This project was inspired by this video from YouTube and the Pendulum Challenge Kit from Its a simple game consisting of five LED lights and one pushbutton switch. The LEDs flash in a sequence and the player must press the button when the middle LED light is lit. The speed at which the lights flash increases until the player presses the button at the wrong time.LED Game (2)

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Ok, lets go!

Solder jumper wires to the buttonLED Game Schematic (2)

Use your soldering iron to attach jumper wires to the button. Make sure you have strong connections that are not touching.

Program the Arduino board

if you have not set up and configured the Arduino software on your computer, you need to do that first. This is a good guide.
Download the attached Arduino Sketch file.Plugin you Arduino to your computer. 

Open the sketch in the Arduino software.

Upload the sketch to your Arduino.

Build the circuit

Power and ground:
-Run a jumper wire from arduino “5V” pin to breadboard “+” rail.
-Run a jumper wire from arduino “GND” pin to breadboard “-” rail.

-Insert the LEDs into your breadboard as shown, with the longer leads farthest to the left. The red LED goes in the middle.
-Run wires from the each breadboard row with a short LED lead in it to the “-” breadboard rail.
-Run wires from the each breadboard row with a long LED lead to arduino pins 2 through 6.

-Run  one of the buttons wires to the breadboard’s “+” rail.
-Run the second wire from the button to an empty breadboard row.
-Run a wire from the same row on the breadboard to arduino pin 8.
-Run a resistor from that row to the breadboard’s “-” rail.

Make sure your setup matches the pictures.

Hide the Wires

Now, lets make something to hide those ugly wires! I cut out a small rectangle out of cardboard and slid it between the LEDs and the wires. It worked, but it still didn’t look great, so I printed “Stop it!” on a piece of paper and glued it to the cardboard. Now it looks like something! You can do what I did or use your imagination and be creative! If you choose to go the route I did, you can get download and print the picture.

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