Running LED’s Using Atmega

Running LEDs

This small project let you make running leds. For this project you need a attiny2313 microcontroller and 8 leds and 8 resistors. The leds can be programmed so that they show differrent patterns.

Running LEDs

The leds are connected to PORTB of the microcontroller via the resistors that limit the current to 20mA. The project can be build an a small breadboard, but the ATTiny2313 and the LED board can be used also. You can buy them at program is build with the AVR BASCOM compiler. Copy and past the code below, compile the code and write the text to the microcontroller. The leds are running from left the right.’ program name: running led
‘ author:
$regfile = “attiny2313.dat” ‘ set the micro
$crystal = 4000000 ‘ set the clock speed of the micro
Config PortB = Output  ‘ make PORTB pins outputs

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