Programming the ATtiny85 (Using an Arduino Uno)

Programming the ATtiny85

Today, we are going to build a circuit to program an ATtiny85 with our Arduino.


We are going to need the following:

  • Some jumper wires
  • 1 x 10 micro farad capacitor
  • The ATtiny85 Chip
  • A breadboard
  • An Arduino

For Extra visual’s (that are not really required) I’m going to add:

  • 3 LED’s
  • 1 x 330 Ohm Resistor
  • And some extra jumper cablesProgramming the ATtiny85Before we start with the circuit build, head over to the Arduino IDE.

    Arduino Software

    Open the Sketch ArduinoISP from the File, Examples and ArduinoISP menus:

    • Verify and upload this sketch to your Arduino

    The Arduino software does not natively support the ATtiny85 so we need to add support for it.

    • Open the Preferences Dialog from the File menu.
    • Put the link into the “Additional Boards Manager URL“.
    • Click OK!


    • Open the Boards Manager from the Tools, Board Menus
    • Select the ATtiny from the list once the software has updated

    Note that you will require an internet connection for the ATtiny board manager to download.

    • Search for ATtiny, either manually scrolling down the list, or typing “attiny” in the filter field.
    • Click Install the (Use the latest version).

    Program Setup

    Lets set up the program to use the Arduino as a programmer.

    • Select Arduino as ISP from the Tools, Programmer Menus
    • Select ATtiny from the Tools, Board Menus
    • Select ATtiny85 from the Tools, Processor Menus
    • I’m selecting 16Mhz Internal from the Tools, Clock Menu


    Programming the ATtiny85


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