Morse-Code Trainer Using Arduino

Morse code trainer

My kids are learning Morse code this summer, so I threw together this little circuit to help them learn. And to make it more fun…

It uses an ATtiny85 ($2.26 at to drive a piezo beeper (≈ $3.50 at Radio Shack.) The ATtiny85 takes 5.5V max, so I built the circuit on a piece of strip-board so as to fit onto the back of a 3-AA-cell ($3 or so at Radio Shack) battery pack.

Morse code trainer

To program it, I used MIT’s “High-Low Tech” ATtiny85 core using an Arduino as an ISP programmer. I actually built a 6-pin ISP header into the board, so I don’t have to pull the chip out to reprogram it as you would with MIT’s instructions, but that’s neither here nor there. Using an Arduino core allows me to  use all the Arduino tools I’m familiar with, but I don’t have to spend $20 or more on a full Arduino when all I really need is one output pin and a couple kb of program space. The ATtiny85 is perfect for this: plenty of memory and dirt cheap. (Actually, an ATtiny25 would work with the amount of memory this program takes, but ATtiny85s are so cheap you don’t save much buying the ATtiny25.)

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