Maxim’s Sensor Interface Circuits

Here is a small collection of circuits that provide an interface to sensor transducers including pressure, temperature, and others.
ere’s a resistance temperature detector (RTD) interface circuit that is compatible with a range of standard RTD sensors including PT100. Output is digital via SPI bus.
This circuit provides a highly integrated analog sensor signal conditioner targeted for automotive applications. The device provides amplification, calibration, and temperature compensation. Output is digital.
Simple silicon pressure sensor to digital SPI bus interface. Nice solution for off board pressure sensor applications.
Maxim’s Sensor Interface Circuits
This circuit provides dual-channel, platinum RTD-to-voltage signal conditioning to achieve high-voltage, level-filtered signals for temperature measurements.
This circuit provides an interface from an analog temperature sensor to a 4-20mA current loop.
This precision circuit provides a highly integrated pressure transducer (Wheatstone bridge) to current loop interface.
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