Maximo Robot Arm – for kids and even big kids

This is a Robot Arm with 5-axis range of motion allowing movements similar to assembly line robots. It was designed to offer the highest quality while remaining one of the most affordable robotic arms on the market.
Three years ago, we created MandleBot, a 5-axis aluminum robotic arm currently being used in schools, robotics clubs, summer camps and even factories. We have enjoyed sharing our passion for robotics with a lot of people and it has inspired us to now do it on a larger scale.
My team and I wanted to create a robotics experience that would be available to anyone interested in this hot and futuristic subject, whether just starting out or already quite experienced. Our goal has been to create a robot that meets our exacting quality standards while remaining affordable.
Another goal was to create a robot that could be used in schools to motivate students to learn more about science, engineering and robotics. Such a robot needs to be highly functional, configurable and visually appealing.

The kit includes: a black and clear acrylic body with a set of screws, nuts and standoffs, six high torque servomotors, a bearing base, Arduino with Servo Shield, wiring, USB cable and a power supply. You also get the standard gripper head module, a Robotic Studio license and the Assembly Manual.
Everyone who orders a robot will receive a free Robotic Studio license. Robotic Studio functions with Microsoft Windows only. This software is the result of thousands of hours of development by my team and I. It enhances what you can achieve with the robot by executing complex automations that would otherwise be impossible to do manually. Robotic Studio allows you to move the robot with a game controller and execute different series of recorded steps. You can connect up to 10 robots at the same time in Robotic Studio to create amazing automations.
There is a wide selection of add-ons you can choose from to add to your bundle. Several head modules are available such as the pen, the advanced gripper, and the palletizer head. They can be added to your Maximo individually if they are not included in the reward you choose.
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