Make A Wall Lamp Using Arduino Nano

Arduino Wall Lamp (1)

So, I have always wanted a nice lamp by the side of my bed, Something simple with out any buttons.
Of course this would mean it had to be wireless. I also wanted to use it from my bed but not getting out of my bed to turn it off. So it had to be remote controlled, So I picked up a Arduino Nano and a IR sensor to help me with the goal.Arduino Wall Lamp (1)

I have access to my schools laser cutter for this to help me with the materials part and also the making part.

Step 1: Parts

I used for this project:

1X Arduino (I used a Nano to fit in the casing I would make.)
1X Power Supply device (Must be able to support the Arduino’s needs)
2X RGB LED (Any type works)
1X PCB or Stripboard ( I used a old lot that did not have a lot soldered on it)
1X IR sensor.
1X IR remote (any kind will do)

1X Acrylic sheet (White)
1X Small acrylic sheet (clear)
1X Sandpaper ( IN case you don’t want to use a laser cutter to fog the clear acrilic)
4X Screws of your choice (What fits in your Wall?)

Step 2: Outer Casing

I had made drawings for this for a while and I decided to use ProDesktop to make this come alive and for this project to really get going.

To do this I had to make a nice curved design that could be cut out on a laser cutter and be made with glue.

Step 3: Test the Model.

Step 4: Fitting

On the final ‘glue together I used cement clue that melts the plastic to the outer plastic bit’s.
Also at this point I had to take off all of the protectors that where on the laser cut parts to make sure of firm contact.

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