Low-power Wireless Modules Support Multiple Protocols

NXP Semiconductors has announced a family of small-footprint wireless modules based on the ultra-low-power JN5168 microcontroller. Supporting multiple network stacks including Zig Bee Home Automation, Zig Bee Light Link, Zig Bee Smart Energy, Jen Net-IP and RF4CE, the JN5168 wireless modules feature footprints as small as 16 x 21 mm and very low power consumption in transmit and receive modes.

All modules have 256 KB flash memory, 32 KB RAM and 4 KB EEPROM, as well as low-power sleep modes. An SPI interface allows external flash memory to be connected for applications that require over-the-air firmware updates, and all other main functions and I/Os’ of the chip, such as I²C, ADCs, UARTs and PWMs, are accessible.

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