Introduction: T.A.B.U. A Robot using Arduino

Arduino T.A.B.U. A Robot

To all other teens (I’m 16)  who have begun to pick up an intrest in robotics and electronics the following project will give you a great user-system to get started with. This is not for complete beginers, but after only 6 months of teaching myself to code and develop robotics I have developed T.A.B.U.

Arduino T.A.B.U. A Robot

What did I make?
T.A.B.U. is a crab like robot that runs on the arduino uno micrcontroller. T.A.B.U. stands for “Testable Arduino Based User-system”. I developed this robot so that I could continue to learn how to code robotics with a phisical test subject.

How did I make it?
T.A.B.U. runs off of three 9v smoke detector batteries, one for the board and base servo, one for the left claw, one for the right claw. It is a very simple robot to make and is a great entry level project. When you are finished you will have an opensource robot that you can program and add to to suit your needs.

Where did I make this?
I worked in my room. I have a personal workdesk and I have spent countless hours working in there.

What did you learn?
This project really helped me understand how robotics function in a safe and testable enviorment. I want others to have the ability to use my robot to enhance their skills with electronics and robotics.

I recomend that if you have an intrest in Arduino programming you pick up a copy of the “Arduino Cookbook” by Michael Margolis. This is a key to debugging and learning the system.

Well enough of that, let’s get started!

Step 1: Materials…

For this project you will need the folowing… 

– soldering iron/gun
– solder
– drimmel
– drill bit for drimmel
– cutting blade for drimmel
– screwdriver
– needlenose pliers.
– super glue

Step 2: Creating the bases and legs

Before we get started I want to point out that this project is opensource, meaning that if you want to change the shape or size of a part you can do so.

Once you have aquired the plexiglass or polycarbonate board you need to grab a sharpie and a measuring tape. You will need to cut an octagon with 3.5″ sides, If you would rather you could also cut a circle with a 7″ diameter.

Next you will need to cut  four 6x5x2″ triangles out for the legs. Be carefull when cutting the board because the plastic shards will shoot right up into your face. I recomend using goggles.

Arduino T.A.B.U. A Robot circuit

Next cut out two 3×1″ rods for the legs.

Finally you need to cut out the platform for the Arduino witch is a 1×3″ rectangle.

Finished? Congratulations, the hardest part is over!

Step 3: Attaching the Servos to the Base

In order to attach the servo to the base of the robot you will need to cut a hole large enough for your servo to sit in the center without falling through. when you cut the hole make sure that the servos rotaion is at the center of the base. Otherwise you won’t have a balanced robot. Then use the screws that came with the servo to attach it to the board.

Next you will need to super glue the other two servos to the left and right side of the base. Be carefull not to get any on the gears or your servo will not work.

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