High Voltage-Current Half Bridge Driver Using IR2153 & IGBT

This is an IGBT based half bridge board that has been designed for multiple applications, like Induction Heater driver, Tesla coil driver, DC-DC converters, SMPS etc. High current and high voltage IGBTs are used to serve high power requirements. Its a general purpose Half-bridge board with inbuilt oscillator and it can be configured with many combinations of components, depending on the application requirements.
IGBT NGTB40N120FL2WG from ON semi and IR2153 from Infineon semiconductor are important parts of the circuit, IR2153 is a gate driver IC including an inbuilt oscillator and 40A/1200V IGBT can handle the large current.  The Gate driver circuit works with 15V DC and load supply 60V DC to 400V DC.
The IR2153D(S) is an improved version of the popular IR2155 and IR2151 gate driver ICs, and incorporate a high voltage half-bridge gate driver with a front end oscillator similar to the industry standard CMO 555 timer. The IR2153 provides more functionality and is easier to use than previous ICs. A shutdown feature has been designed into the CT pin so that both gate driver outputs can be disabled using a low voltage control signal. In addition, the gate driver output pulse widths are the same once the rising under-voltage lockout threshold on VCC has been reached, resulting in a more stable profile of frequency vs time at startup. Noise immunity has been improved significantly, both by lowering the peak di/dt of the gate drivers, and by increasing the under-voltage lockout hysteresis to 1V. Finally, special attention has been played to maximizing the latch immunity of the device and providing comprehensive ESD protection on all pins.
High Voltage-Current Half Bridge Driver Using IR2153 & IGBT



The board has two power options for the input supply, so users can choose the input load power supply as per application requirement:

  • Load Power Supply 60-400V DC
  • Logic Supply 15V DC for Gate Driver

In case you want to use 230V AC mains power supply as power input it is advisable to use this power supply board that provides 330V DC after rectifier + filter Capacitor. Then the IGBT board will work with single supply (no logic supply required) by soldering one resistor R2 33K Ohms 5W and replace capacitor C3 with 470uF/25V
If you use another isolated High Voltage DC power supply, then omit R2 and use an external 15Vdc logic supply.
The oscillation frequency is adjustable by onboard trimmer potentiometer and frequency spans approx. 12 KHz to 100 KHz with duty cycle 50%.


We have tested this board up to 500mA/330V DC without a heat sink, if more power is required you should use a heat sink and a fan.

If you wish to test this board with a Tesla Coil its advisable to use a series lamp of 100W at AC input. This will prevent an overload condition when you test the board.
400V – 5A Power Supply For Brushless Motor Drivers is a suitable power supply for this driver.


  • Note 1: The circuit is provided with few extra components which may be used as per application requirement other components can be omitted as stated in BOM
  • Note 2: Frequency span is determined by CT Capacitor (C8) and Trimmer Pot value, refer to the datasheet for the appropriate value for the required frequency span. C8 1Kpf, R5=7k5, and PR1=50K provide frequency span 12 kHz to 100 kHz.
  • Note 3:  Other MOSFETs or IGBT can be used as per your current and voltage requirements
  • Note 4: This board can also be used as half-bridge using IR2101 and MOSFET with High PWM Pulse and Low PWM Pulse input or IR2104 with a single PWM pulse. Header CN3 provides input Pin1 HIN and Pin2 LIN for that purpose. Omit the following components R5, PR1, C8 to use with IR2101/IR2105.
  • Note 5: IGBTs require large size heat sink

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