High-quality GSM/3G signal directly to your device

Multi-band antenna 2J301 offers several properties for which it´s worth to consider its usage in your devices.
Decent gain, good VSWR values, small dimensions, resistance to outdoor conditions and a simple mount method are probably basic features, which we´d expect from external antennas for the GSM/UMTS, PCS bands. Antenna 2J301M/SMA from company 2J provides all this but it features yet another positive feature – a good price.
High-quality GSM 3G signal directly to your device
That´s why, if you´re searching for an antenna with good specification for a good price, 2J301M is a good choice. An elegant design from an ABS plastic is suitable for virtually every application and an easy installation is ensured by a magnetic bottom plate together with a 2.5 m long flexible cable (RG174) with the SMA connector.
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