EA DIP displays – character and graphic display

EA DIP series displays from company Electronic Assembly provide an uncommon possibility to choose a graphic or a character display without a change of your device´s hardware.
A quality display with a high contrast and an automatic temperature compensation, easy mounting by soldering of pins into a PCB, a display maximally utilizing the module size – without overhangs and mounting openings, compatibility with industry standard graphic controllers (HD44780), low power consumption – all these are the features saying in favor of EA DIP series displays. To these benefits of EA DIP series, we can also add another uncommon feature – a possibility to change a character display for a graphic one without a change in hardware (at types of the same size). EA DIP series consists of several types as you can see in the following table.

Advantages / Features:

  1. compact LCD modules
  2. quality LCD displays with a high contrast
  3. simple assembly by soldering pins into a PCB
  4. equipped with standard LCD controllers – high compatibility
  5. possibility to choose a character or a graphic display without a redesign of a PCB
  6. automatic temperature compensation
  7. fast response time in the range of -20 to +70°C

Types with the same dimensions, for example the graphic EA DIP122J (122×32) and character EA DIP162J (2×16) and EA DIP203B (4×20) feature the same pin out, that´s why it is possible to use these types into the same PCB (at a modification of firmware of your device and meeting requirements of given types). It provides an elegant way how to create various versions of a product or to maintain a possibility of “upgrade” of your device from a character- to a graphic display.
Detailed description will provide you the EA DIP flyer, as well as datasheets at particular types. A novelty in our portfolio is the type EA DIP203B, which will replace the EA DIP204.

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