Do you want to know your position?

GPS modules from company Quectel have excellent features and enable a relatively quick development of applications also thanks to ready-made development kits. GPS receivers are still more often used in various segments, what is also reflected in our offer of top-featured GPS modules from company Quectel. Naturally, it is ideal, when there´s also available a development kit for a given module.
Really, development kits are the components, which significantly help at development and thanks to a simplified and accelerated development, this investment usually refunds very quickly. That´s why it´s possible to find in our offer development kits for almost every GPS or GSM/GPRS module from Quectel, moreover immediately available directly from our stock.
Do you want to know your position?Advantages / Features of Quester GPS modules:

  1. high sensitivity and excellent accuracy
  2. very fast acquisition (time to first fix) thanks to various algorithms of self-assisted GPS and Embedded Assist System (EASY)
  3. very low power consumption
  4. versions supporting passive and active antenna

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