Build a Resistor/Capacitor Selection Box

If you’ve ever been designing a circuit and had to experiment with different values of caps and resistors, you probably didn’t like it much.  It can be a hassle to switch out components over and over, trying to find the right combination to suit your needs.
With RC filter circuits, it can be quite difficult to determine what resistance and capacitance you need to get the filtering attributes you want.  With a Selection box such as this just a turn of a knob can test many different values.
Build a Resistor Capacitor Selection Box

  • 10-turn potentiometers for precise resistances
  • Low-resistance protection button
  • Wire terminals
  • Twenty-two capacitors on rotary two rotary switches
  • Series or Parallel cap orientation switch

Below is a spreadsheet containing calculated values for all possible capacitor combinations.

  •  4x Binding posts
  •  2x 1 Pole 12 Throw rotary switches
  •  1 Pole 6 Throw rotary switch
  •  10k Pot (multi-turn is best for increased accuracy)
  •  100k Pot (multi-turn optional)
  •  DPDT slide switch
  •  2x 100k 1% resistors
  •  3x 200k 1% resistors
  •  1M 1% resistor
  •  4.5″ x 6″ x 3″ project box
  •  5x Knobs
  •  Solder
  •  Ribbon cable

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