Bluetooth enabled Door locker using Arduino

Bluetooth enabled Door locker

DIY Arduino based lockers can be found plenty in the internet where keypad was used to feed lock input. But this Bluetooth enabled Door locker uses Bluetooth as a medium to connect with the locker and your smart phone to feed input credentials. This locker allows you to lock/unlock your locker without physical touch when you are within the range of Bluetooth communication.Bluetooth enabled Door locker


Arduino is the heart of this locker system and HC-05 module provides the bluetooth connectivity for the arduino. I have added a relay to act as an activator for the E-locker in the above design. You may replace it with any other electronic activator or door activator if you are going to use it for doors. If that’s the case alter the design in such a way that the system is provided with enough power to drive the activator. I have added a simple LED in the project i have built-in place of Relay since i haven’t got one to use, kindly excuse me for that.bluetooth door locker schematic diagram


The HC-05 is a pretty famous Bluetooth module used in standard embedded applications where BT connectivity is required. This module converts the data received through Bluetooth and converts it into serial format that can be understood by Controllers equipped with UART communication. This module should be powered by +3.3v and special key pin for secured communication.


A special software known as Bluetooth serial terminal is needed for this project. This software is used to send raw data from our device to the HC-05 module connected to the Arduino. This kind of software available for all smart phone platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. I have used SENA BTerm software  Android for this project. However you can choose any Bluetooth terminal software in any platform, everything will work just fine.


  1. The locker password can be set to any complex level and length with no restrictions.
  2. Bluetooth access reduces the hardware size and complexity of adding keypad to the system.
  3. Wireless activation of door locker will be the most highlighting specs of this system.
  4. Less power consumption by Bluetooth will be of great advantage.


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