Beamer Control using attiny2313 microcontroller

Beamer Control


Beamer Control

Beamer Control:

Schematic Source code
I made this project for Henk. He has a beamer for watching movies and a motor controlled screen. The purpose of this project is very simple. If he turns his beamer on, the screen must to down. And if the beamer turns of, the screen must go up again. This project has some analog electronics which I salvaged from one of my old project which I didn’t use any more. A current transformer with some signal conditioning. The output of the Current transformer goes to an ATTINY2313, and the ATTINY2313 controls 2 relays.

1 for moving the screen up and one for moving the screen down. The screen needs 17 seconds to move so I set the control of the relays to 20s to be on the safe side.

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