Auto No Break Power Supply Control Using Atmega

Auto No Break Power Supply Control

The major aim of this no break power supply project is to supply continuous energy supply to a load, by picking the supply from any spring out of the four like – generator, mains, inverter and solar robotically in the lack of any of the spring. The demand for power is raising day by day and regular electricity cuts are grounds to a lot of troubles in a range of areas such as- houses, hospitals and industries. A substitute arrangement for electricity supply is a must.

Auto No Break Power Supply Control

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In this controller for no break power supply project 4 keys are there to display the particular breakdown of that power source. When out of the four any of the keys is pushed it confirms the lack of that exact spring, keys are linked to micro-controller as incoming signals. 8051 family’s micro-controller is brought into use. The productivity of micro-controller is set to the transmit driver IC, which controls suitable transmit to uphold continuous power supply to the load. The output has to be monitored by means of a lamp taking electricity supply from mains originally. On malfunctioning of the mains power supply (which is activated by pushing the suitable button) the load obtains power supply from the subsequent existing source, like an inverter.
If the inverter too stops working it turn over to the subsequent existing power source and so on. The electricity status, as to which power source delivers the load is also exhibited on an LCD. As it’s not possible to give all four different power springs of supply, one spring with swap switches are given to obtain the similar utility.

Auto No Break Power Supply Control Schematic

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