ATtiny programming with Arduino

ATtiny programming

After this Instructable you should be able to program an A Ttiny85/45 with an arduino. It may sound complex but it really isn’t. After doing some research I could not find to much info on how this could be done. I however did find This Instructable is my interpretation of what I learned from Randy.

ATtiny programming

Step 1: Things you will need

AT tiny 85/45 – available from Mouser  556-ATTINY85-20PU  Need more info on the AT tiny check out the data sheet here.
Bread board ( or the 8 pin shield from Instructables )
Bread board jumper wires
Led- 5
330 ohm resistor-5
1uf 50V electrolytic capacitor

programming with Arduino

Step 2: Set up

You will be using the following arduino pins (see pic)
5V +
5V Ground x2

Wire up the bread board with the jumper wires as follows or see pic:
Note: be sure to not the dimple direction.

ATtiny  pin# 1 to arduino pin# 10
ATtiny  pin# 4 to arduino 5v ground
ATtiny  pin# 5 to arduino pin# 11
ATtiny  pin# 6 to arduino pin# 12
ATtiny  pin# 7 to arduino pin# 13
ATtiny  pin# 8 to Arduino 5v +

Now lets move onto adding our leds. Add the leds to the bread board as see in the pic keeping in mind the polarity of the leds.
Add the resistors to the positive side ( side without the flat part ) each led with get a resistor. Take some jumper wires from the resistors and connect them to the following ATtiny pins.

ATtiny pin# 5 this will be programmed as pin 0 in the sketch
ATtiny pin# 6 this will be programmed as pin 1 in the sketch
ATtiny pin# 7 this will be programmed as pin 2 in the sketch
ATtiny pin# 2 this will be programmed as pin 3 in the sketch
ATtiny pin# 3 this will be programmed as pin 4 in the sketch


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