Arduino – (Very) Basic motion tracking with 2 PIR sensors

motion tracking with 2 PIR sensors

Took me a little while to get started but I’ve managed to wire 2 PIR infrared sensors with an Arduino to sense motion either on the left or on the right side. The result will trigger an LED to represent each PIR sensor then I also added in a servo to be controlled – so it turns left when triggered by the left sensor and so on.

First have a look at my previous tutorial – Arduino PIR motion detector circuit. Now we’re going to use 2 of them and this isn’t that different from just using one of them. However this is only a first attempt so I’ve not calibrated anything properly, for instance we can’t ascertain velocity or true direction of movement because these sensors aren’t that precise and have a wide range of detection. But hey, it’s a start!motion tracking with 2 PIR sensors

Arduino PIR Motion Sensor Circuit Parts

2x 220 Ohm resistor (Red, Red, Brown, Gold)
2x 10K Ohm resistor (Brown, Black, Orange, Gold)
2x PIR sensor
1x Servo (has to need no more than 5v supply)
2x LED
Arduino Deumilanove w/ ATMEGA328
Breadboard / Prototyping board
Jumper/ Connector wires
Optional 9V DC power supply or use the USB power for the Arduino
You will also need a soldering iron and solder if you use the same PIR as myself.
Some sort of  temporary adhesive to hold the sensors in place.

Arduino Infrared Motion Detector Circuit

So you’ll see that its really just a lot of wires. The PIRs I’ve soldered on the wires and on their output pin there’s a 10K Ohm resistor for each going between them and the positive rail on the breadboard. The LED’s are the same layout as the basic blink tutorials, 220 Ohm resistor between the positive pin (the longer one) and the Arduino pin.

PIR Motion Sensor Arduino Code

This isn’t too bad. Basically we set 2 sensors and have a few if statements to do shit based on if they turn on or off, so essentially they’re treated just like a couple of switches.

LUCKYLARRY.CO.UK - 2 3pin PIR sensors to track basic motion.

We have 1 sensor for left, 1 for right.

The left sensor is triggered, the LED for the left comes on and the servo moves until no motion is detected.
The same happens if the right sensor is triggered.

If both sensors detect motion then its likely the object may be between the 2 but given the field of detection
its not going to be precice. Enjoy!


#include                                                 // Include servo library, you can get it from
Servo myservo;                                                    // Create a servo object
int pos = 0;                                                      // Variable to store the servo position in degrees
int pinPIRleft = 4;                                               // left infrared sensor, digital pin 4
int pinLEDleft = 8;	                                          // left LED, digital pin 8
int pinPIRright = 2;                                              // right sensor, digital pin 2
int pinLEDright = 10;                                             // right LED, digital pin 10


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