Arduino Mega-ISP Shield

Arduino Mega ISP Shield

Use this shield to re-burn the bootloader for any arduino. You can always make one on a breadboard, but having a shield is great. This is great for people who works with lots of arduinos. You can also use it with AVRDUDE.

I will have a parts list coming soon…

(this instructable will be under development until the project is completed. Please advise thet i will not be giving support for this developing product.)

Arduino Mega ISP Shield

Step 1: V.0.1d (developing)

Here is the current and FIRST model. This model is just a rough sketch. The picture is bellow, tell me what you think and what needs to be improved.

L1,2,3 are LEDs for Heartbeat, Activity and Error
Arduino > ATMEGA328P/168

GND > 8-22
13 > 19 { PB5 SCK/PCINT5 }
12 > 18 { PB4 MISO/PCINT4 }
11 > 17 { PB3 MOSI/OC2A/PCINT3 }
10 > 01 { PCINT14/RESET }
09 > L1 { E$7 + }
08 > L2 { E$8 + }
07 > L3 { E$9 + }

Go to the downloads page to get the board file for eagle. Etch it on your own and tell me if it works. I will post a tutorial on etching PCBs.

Step 2: Downloads

Here are the Eagle files…..
Schematics and PNG images are included in the ZIP files…..

d = developing
f = finalizing
RC = Possible Release Candidate
R = Rejected/Moving on to next model

Notes: Schematic not included in this release…

v.0.2 coming soon….

Arduino Mega ISP Shield circuit

Step 3: Sketch for Mega-ISP

// this sketch turns the Arduino into a AVRISP
// using the following pins:
// 10: slave reset
// 11: MOSI
// 12: MISO
// 13: SCK

// Put an LED (with resistor) on the following pins:
// 9: Heartbeat – shows the programmer is running
// 8: Error – Lights up if something goes wrong (use red if that makes sense)
// 7: Programming – In communication with the slave
// October 2009 by David A. Mellis
// – Added support for the read signature command
// February 2009 by Randall Bohn
// – Added support for writing to EEPROM (what took so long?)
// Windows users should consider WinAVR’s avrdude instead of the
// avrdude included with Arduino software.
// January 2008 by Randall Bohn
// – Thanks to Amplificar for helping me with the STK500 protocol
// – The AVRISP/STK500 (mk I) protocol is used in the arduino bootloader
// – The SPI functions herein were developed for the AVR910_ARD programmer
// – More information at

Step 4: Solder the ISP Headers

Now lets solder the headers, these are really useful. You’ll find lots of cool products to mess with once you’ve soldered these on. You can tape them or use the loaded soldering iron trick. Your call really, you’ve had plenty of soldering practice by now.

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