Arduino Knight Rider

Arduino Knight Rider (3)

In this tutorial, eight LEDs are interfaced to the Arduino Uno board. This is not complicated – it is just like interfacing a single LED to the Arduino as done in tutorial 3, but eight times over. A program is then loaded to the Arduino that will turn the eight LEDs into a “Knight rider” display.

Arduino Knight Rider (3)

The following video shows what you will achieve:

Can’t see the video? View on YouTube →


You will need to have completed tutorial 3 and its prerequisites before attempting this tutorial.


Besides a breadboard, Arduino Uno and USB cable, you will need:

Qty Part Designator Notes Type
8 470 ohm resistor (yellow – violet – brown) R1 1/4W, 5% or better Resistors
8 5mm red LED D1 Other coloured and sized LEDs could also be used, e.g. 3mm green LED Semiconductors
9 Wire links Wire links that will reach from the breadboard to the Arduino Wire

Circuit Diagram

The circuit diagram is shown below. It is simply eight LEDs interfaced to the Arduino pins 2 to 9.

Building the Circuit

Place the LEDs next to each other in the breadboard so that the anode (longer lead) is at the left and the cathode is on the right.

Arduino Knight Rider schematic (1)

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