Arduino: How to Build an Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Obstacle Avoiding Robot









This instructable is the written version of my “Arduino: How To Build An Obstacle Avoiding Robot” Youtube video that I’ve uploaded recently. I strongly recommend you to check it out.

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So, without further ado, Let’s get started !

Step 1: Video Tutorial : Just 6 Minutes – Watch and Make…

Arduino Tutorial : How To Build An Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Watch carefully

Step 2: Materials : Necessary Materials and EquipmentsMaterials Necessary Materials and Equipments










* Arduino Uno R3

* Adafruit Motor Shield

*HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module Distance Sensor for Arduino

* Tower Pro SG90 RC Mini Servo Motor

* Bracket / Holder for HC-SR04

* DC Motors and Wheels

* Bovine Wheel

* Plate or something like that

* Jumper

* Battery Buckle 9V

* Battery 9V

* Glue Gun or Cable Ties

Step 3: A Chassis and Sensor ConnectionsChassis and Sensor Connections















A Chassis

Attaching The Arduino To The Chassis

Connecting The Sensor To The Arduino

Step 4: Motors and Motor Shield ConnectionsMotors and Motor Shield Connections











Attaching The Motor Shield To The Ardunio

Connecting Motors To The Shield

Step 5: Programming the Robot

Programming the Robot










Programing the Arduino code

can find download link in the video description

Step 6: For Me + What’s Next ?robot











First of all, I would like to thank you for reading this guide ! I hope it helped you build your own robot and improved your knowledge about robotics and arduino.

I think now it’s a good time to introduce myself. My name is Mert . Likes Math, Computers, Robotics and programming. I’ve just started a youtube channel, hoping to help people, share some of my knowledge and learn myself.


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