Arduino Cat Detector SD Card Logger

Cat Detector (1)

I used:

an Arduino Uno
Parallax PIR Motion Sensor
Seeed Studio SD Card Shield

Cat Detector (1)

Arduino, shield, sd card, logging shield, storage, logger

Check out This instructable on PIRs in case you didn’t know what it is:

Step 1: Connect your PIR Sensor

Hook up the PIR Sensor 

Ground pin to Ground
VCC pin to 5V
OUT to A5
Cat Detector Sensor (1)

To better help you understand how to hook it up:

Arduino Pin PIR Sensor Pin

Also hook up and LED to pin 9 on the arduino

You might need to use a breadboard to hook it up right.
I’ve included a Frizing file to illustrate the device hookups.

Step 2: Test your PIR Sensor

Now enter this code into your Arduino

void setup() {
pinMode(9, OUTPUT);
pinMode(A5, INPUT);

void loop() {
if (analogRead(A5) < 1){
digitalWrite(9, LOW);
Serial.println(“No cats”);
if (analogRead(A5) > 0){
digitalWrite(9, HIGH);
Serial.println(“Cat detected”);

After you hooked up the Motion Sensor and the LED and uploaded your code to the Arduino, wave your hand in front of the sensor. If the LED lights up then you did it right. Sit still for a few seconds and the LED will go off.
You can also open the Arduino Serial Monitor to see whats going on.

Step 3: Connect you SD Card Sheild

Now that your Motion Sensor is working you want to log the times is senses motion.
So plug your new SD Card Shield into your Arduino and proceed to hookup the Motion Sensor and LED using the riser pins on the Shield.

All connections should be in the same place like on the Frizting file it shows.

Step 4: Log Your Cats

Now that its all hooked up, upload this code to your arduino:

NOTE: Your going to have to install the updated SDFat Library in order for this to work you can find it at:

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