Arduino Based Security System using GSM & PIR Sensor

Security System using GSM PIR Sensor

In present time Home/Office and many other place security is most important. In our absence these places are not secure. For make these palaces secure many peoples keep guards and many people prefer electronic security systems. In present time many types of security systems are available in market. These security systems are very accurate and easy to control and cheaply available and the most important thing is that they can be operated on low Voltage (Up to 12 Voltage).

Security System using GSM PIR Sensor

Here we have tried making a simple arduino based security system using a GSM module and a PIR sensor. It gives a call to a pre specified phone number when any kind of intrusion is found. In the below pictures you could see the implementation of this security system.

In most of security systems GSM is widely used. Here in this project GSM is used for making a voice call for alert. The main aim of this project is secure your house/office from thief.

In this circuit GSM and PIR sensor sensor are used. When any human (thief) comes in the range of PIR sensor, Arduino make a call to a fixed number. It means anybody in your house/office, then you can take a possible action against thief at same time.

Block Diagram & Working

This system is very simple. And the working of this system is very simple as well. In this system PIR sensor used for sensing and then arduino used for controlling and then A GSM module which is used for calling purpose. When anybody comes in range of PIR sensor, then sensor sends a logic signal to Arduino then Arduino take control and perform a given task. Hare a calling task is given to Arduino. Then arduino sends signals to GSM module for make a voice call.

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