Arduino and Android Projects for the Evil Genius

Arduino and Android Projects for the Evil Genius

Since this book was written, Arduino 1.0 was released and Google has changed the Open Accessory standard a lot. At the start of December 2011 Arduino 1.0 was released. This changed a few things, requiring all third-party libraries to be updated. This hasn’t happened yet for the Android Open Accessory ADK. So until this is updated, please use Arduino 023. This is still available for download from the main Arduino site. The version of the Open Accessory Arduino Libraries needed is no longer available from Google. But can download the Google library used in the book from here:

Arduino and Android Projects for the Evil Genius

And the original version of the Amarino ( by Mark Weiser) library from here: the binary (APK) Android apps from my GitHub page. Note that the code for the Rover is called DroidDroid. The Arduino sketches themselves are also all in GitHub here.


* Chapter 2. The schematic diagram (Fig 2-3) shows R4 connecting to D6. It should connect to D3 as per the wiring diagram of Fig 2.6.
Here is an updated version of Fig 2-3.

page 21. Step 1 should refer to ‘USB Host Shield’ NOT ‘USB Motor Shield’. There is no motor shield for this project.
page 34. “Handlers are Arduino’s way” should read “Handlers are Android’s way”.

* Chapter 5. The binary app was initially missing for download from this site. Its there now.
page 64 in a freak cut and paste accident, I sugest that you need an ultrasonic range finder to make the temperature logger. Doh!
page 64. The phrase ‘Laser module resistor’ should have a comma in it. The ‘laser module resistor’ is not a special kind of resistor. The resistor is just R1.Arduino and Android Projects for the Evil Genius Schematic

* Chapter 6. Page 75. The ultrasonic range finder is not included in the parts bin. See the description.

* Chapter 7. IC2 in Figure 7-33 should be labelled as a 7909 not a 7905.


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