A Really Flexible Microcontroller

American Semiconductor, a leader in flexible integrated circuits and flexible hybrid systems, has announced the FleX-MCU product family. The FleX-MCU is the world’s first physically flexible microcontroller fabricated using the FleX Silicon-on-Polymer process.
The FleX-MCU is an 8-bit RISC microcontroller with 8KB embedded RAM operating at up to 20MHz with a 1.2V core and 2.5V I/O. It includes multiple serial interface peripherals, including UART, I2C, and SPI.
Pricing and availability
FleX-MCU samples will be available in October 2013 (data sheets are available at www.americansemi.com). Please contact American Semiconductor for pricing based on volume require ments.A Really Flexible MicrocontrollerIf you found this article to be interest, visit Microcontroller / MCU Designline where – in addition to my Max’s Cool Beans blogs on all sorts of “stuff” – y

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For more detail: A Really Flexible Microcontroller

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