A Pocket Sized Touch Keyboard Using Arduino

Pocket Sized Touch Keyboard

Pocket Sized Touch Keyboard

In this Instructables I am going to explain about my new project called ” A Pocket Sized Touch Keyboard” .It is a Arduino based small physical device used to simplify your different keyboard operations.You plugs it into your computer usb port and touch it on the capacitive touch sensor,the sensor can be made from any metallic objects (the sensor works based on arduino capacitive sensing library) .

In this instructable I am explaining how you can use this to simplify your login process,of course you can do all other keyboard operations too .

Step 1: Simplify Your Sign in Process

In this instructable I have added a small application of this project ,that is to simplify your log in process.

There is nothing more annoying than typing the password /pin over and over again.So yo can use this to reduce your effort on typing passwords:)

This device is small enough to fit it into your pocket.

Step 2: What You Will Need

Need (2)The hardware part of this device is very easy,you only need

I used this because I want my device to be small .You can use any boards which uses ATmega32U4 such as Leonardo,Leonardo ETH etc.These board are having built-in usb which makes the micro recognizable as a mouse or Keyboard.

  • 1 Mega Ohm Resistor
  • Jumper wires
  • PCB
  • Soldering Iron

Step 3: Circuit Diagram:

Circuit Diagram (14)

Step 4: The Hardware Part !

The Hardware PartI have soldered 1 mega ohm resistor along with 2 jumper wires into a PCB as per above image.

Mount the Arduino micro to the PCB and and attach the jumper wire as per the circuit.

That’s all,now just plug it into the computer and we are ready to upload the code.

Step 5: Pre-requirements:

You need to install capacitive sensing library if you have not installed yet.

You can download this library from here.

If you don’t know how to install new library to Arduino IDE follow these instructions

Step 6: Arduino Code:

you can get Arduino code from here

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