Uno The Arduino Robot

Arduino Robot Uno
Age: 13 

Meet Uno the Arduino powered robot.  Some functions include a blinking nose, moving antennas, rotating head, IR distance sensor, twin motor gear box and rotation counters.  Uno is made with relatively easy to obtain parts.  This project provides a good introduction to Arduino.

Arduino Robot Uno

robot.skp475 KB

Step 1: Materials

Material and tools
• Foam board
• Fimo
• 4 Rare Earth magnets
• 4 small metal plates (from transformer)
• Thrust bearing
• LEDs
• IR distance sensor
• Twin motor gear box with wheels
• 2 9VDC pin solenoid
• Arduino
• A-B USB cable
•power source
• Servo
•3 TIP 120 or121
male header pins
• School glue
• Weld bond
• Hot Glue gun
• Xato knife/carpet cutter
• Pen
• Wire strippers/cutters
•Clear tape
 copper clad 
• ferric chloride
• 2 lever switch
• 2 1 µF capacitor 
•  30 gauge wire
• 5 1k ohm resistors
• 1 470 ohm resistor
• 2.1mm barrel Jack

Step 2: Cutting

Download the PDF file and print it. rough cut the templates then tape them to the foam board. Next use a new Xato knife blade and a straight edge to cut it out. Cut out 4 pattern A, 1-B, 3-C, 2-D, 1-E, 1-F, 2-G.

Step 3: The Base

Cut out the circle in template B then assemble the gear box to 1: 60.   Draw a  line through the center of the template. Match the center of the gear box with this line. mark the template on each side of the mounting plate, do the same for the wheels, then cut(see photo).     Hot glue the gear box in place then glue the thrust bearing in place(see photo).

Arduino Robot Uno pcb


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