The miniSWARM – Scalable Wireless Arduino Radio Module

A smart choice: The mini SWARM is a versatile USB stick-sized wireless Arduino development board. It’s as powerful as the Arduino Mega and has the wireless capabilities of an XBee radio, but we’ve made it a fraction of the cost of an Arduino + radio shield – cheap enough to leave in any project.
A wireless powerhouse: We’ve ported Atmel’s Light Weight Mesh library to Arduino, and made it dead simple to form and manage a network. We took the fuss out of communication diagnostics by integrating range testing features transparently into the library. On top of that, we are developing over-the-air programming (also built into the library) that allows the mini SWARM to be programmed wirelessly. You’ll never need to pop it out of your circuit for a software update!
The miniSWARM – Scalable Wireless Arduino Radio Module
For Arduino and more: Out of the box mini SWARM uses the Arduino platform for software development and programming and supports the standard libraries (digital i/o, analog, pwm, serial, I2C etc.). However, we’ve added an (optional) external antenna connector, ICSP and JTAG support for advanced users who want to work with a different IDE or use Atmel’s Bit Cloud Zig Bee Pro API.
A complete package: mini SWARM doesn’t require any additional hardware or shields, not even a USB cable. Just plug the USB edge connector into your PC and upload your sketch. There is a standard LiPo battery connector and charger on-board for providing power to your mini SWARM and application circuit.
Open source: We proudly support the open-source hardware and software community. Once the campaign is complete all of the documentation, PCB design files and source code will be made available on our Wiki.
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