Switch Relay using pic-microcontroller

Switch Relay1.


The Switch Relay was designed to give clients control over two different switch-activated devices using only one switch. Pressing and releasing the switch will directly control the first device. However, when the client presses the switch for a minimum duration of time, the device toggles its state so that the switch now controls a second device. A knob allows the client to adjust the minimum pressing duration to 0.5 to 8 secs, in 1 sec increments. Subsequent switch presses that are longer than the minimum duration will toggle control of the Switch Relay between the two devices. An LED readout shows which device is being controlled.

Switch Relay.


Allowing operation of multiple devices with one switch increases the independence of the user. The use of only one switch to operate a pair of devices also minimizes confusion for the user.

Because of the adjustable “hold time,” devices with different activation times can be operated; therefore, almost any switch activated device can be controlled with the Switch Relay. The coordinator of the project states that “the device will enable people with limited physical ability to independently operate multiple devices.”

Switch Relay1.

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