Save energy with sensitive relays Fujitsu JV series

500, 400, 300 mW are common values of coils power consumption of mid-power relays. But JV-xS settles for 200mW and operates even at 113 mW!
Power consumption of for example 500 mW is low at the first sight and it may seem, that at a power consumption of other power circuitry it somehow “disappears”. Sometimes it maybe really is a relatively negligible value, but in many cases the power consumption matters very much.
Apart from a general trend of power consumption reduction, a lower consumption enables for example a longer operation from a backup source at a voltage dropout. Moreover at arrays with several relays an overall consumption easily reaches even tens of Watts, what may bring for example problems with heat dissipation in summer season and similar.
Relays Fujitsu series JV-xS are quality relays of a mid power (5A) with a maximum switching voltage of 250VAC/ 1250VDC with a very sensitive coil. Small dimensions and a low profile (only 12.5 mm) contribute to versatility of the relay. Despite small dimensions provides JV-xS a high level of safety thanks to 5000VAC isolation strength (coil/ contacts) and construction from a self-extinguishing plastic.
Save energy with sensitive relays Fujitsu JV series
JV-xS series is available with DC coils from 3 to 24V (JV-3S… JV-24S). Besides common versions for 5, 12 and 24V it´s possible to find in our store also the 9V version JV-9S-KT. Upon request we´re able to provide you also any other available versions.
Detailed information will provide you the Fujitsu JV datasheet.

 Advantages / Features:

  • 5A mid-power relay SPST (NO)
  • sensitive coil – 200 mW/ operates even at 113 mW
  • max. switching voltage 250VAC/150VDC
  • low profile – 12,5 mm
  • Cadmium free silver-based contacts
  • self-extinguishing material of package (UL94V-0)

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