Room Temperature Controller

The temperature controlling system maintains a user programmable room temperature where air conditioners are not provided. For this purpose we need a cooler and a heater. Cooler is used for decreasing temperature and heater is used for increasing temperature. This project also shows the real time temperature in degree centigrade. It can be used in any season.
There are two relays for AC supply output to connect cooler and heater. Two buttons(up and down) are used to set a suitable temperature called as ‘preset’. We can assume three cases to turn the relays in order to maintain the temperature to the user suitable temperature.

Case 1 : If the actual temperature is equal to this preset value, both relays remain OFF as the temperature is under control.
Case 2 : When temperature rises above the preset value ,the cooler turns ON and heater turns OFF to decrease the temperature.
Case 3: When temperature falls below the preset value, the heater turns ON and cooler turns OFF to increase the temperature.
Components : MCU AT89S52, EEPROM AT24C02, Temperature sensor DS18B20, Relay12Volts, XL12MHz, 16x2LCD etc.
Download the HEX code and upload it to the target microcontroller.

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